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Health & Safety, Management Systems, Audit preparation services, Compliance reviews, Strategy and planning, Project Management, Training packages, Teams and Roles.

STAC Consulting was established in 2010 in the Hunter Valley, NSW.  Since this time our client base has rapidly expanded and includes a mix of major international and listed companies through to small and medium sized businesses.


STAC Consulting is located in the Hunter Valley with ready access to the Hunter Valley, Newcastle and surrounds and direct flights (ex-Newcastle) to Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and the Gold Coast.


Schedule of Rates and Insurances


STAC Consulting’s Schedule of Rates is available upon request or, alternately, you can request a quote for a specific project, contract or task.


STAC Consulting Certificates of Currency are available upon request for the following insurances:


  • Public Liability

  • Professional Indemnity

  • Worker’s Compensation



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