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Health & Safety, Management Systems, Audit preparation services, Compliance reviews, Strategy and planning, Project Management, Training packages, Teams and Roles.
Development, Implementation and/or Review of Management Systems

Whether it is facilitating risk assessments and developing a new Management system, or reviewing and improving your existing Management System, STAC Consulting will assist your business by providing specialist services tailored specifically to your requirements and your business risks.


Management services include:

  • Design, development, implementation and/or review of holistic, risk-based and tailor-made site-specific management system solutions incorporating Quality Management (ISO9001), Safety Management (AS4801/AS4804), Environmental Management (ISO14001) and Risk Management (ISO31000).

  • Evaluation of existing management systems and recommending opportunities for improvement.

  • Development of all health and safety system documents including Management Plans, Standards, Procedures, Guidelines, Work Instructions, Operating Procedures (e.g. SOPs/MOPs), Permits, Registers and Forms.

  • Ensuring system compliance with all relevant legislative, industry-specific (e.g. Australian Standards, Codes of Practice, Recognised Standards, Mine Design Guidelines, etc.) and, where applicable, Corporate requirements.



Auditing & Audit Preparation Services

STAC Consulting can provide a qualified auditor to facilitate and/or perform 3rd Party Audits at your business or can assist your business with preparation for any upcoming internal or external audits. Audits performed include compliance audits, hazard-specific audits and management systems desktop audits (e.g. OHSMS audit against AS4801).


Audit services include:

  • Auditing compliance against internal health and safety management systems using a risk-based approach.

  • Preparation of businesses for upcoming audits (e.g. AS4801, ISO9001 or other external or corporate audits) by providing mentoring/coaching in the audit tool and assisting with review and compilation of audit evidence.

  • Establishing an audit schedule to ensure a considered approach to internal audit of established health and safety management systems.

  • Gap Analyses of current systems against audit requirements.

  • Assist major companies with Pre-Qualification Audits of Contract Companies / Tenderers and ongoing Audits of Contract Companies / Preferred Contractors.



Compliance Review and Gap Analyses

Compliance with existing health and safety legislation and other industry-specific and, where applicable, corporate requirements will assist your business in ensuring health and safety obligations are being proactively managed.  It also provides assurance to the Company Directors and will assist with managing your business’ overall health and safety risk.


Compliance review and gap analyses services include:

  • Establishment of Health and Safety Legal Compliance Register/s including Health and Safety legislation (Work Health and Safety and industry-specific e.g. Coal Mining, Petroleum and Gas, etc.), Codes of Practice and Worker’s Compensation and Rehabilitation legislation.

  • Ongoing monitoring and review of Legal Compliance Register.

  • Gap analyses and assessment of current systems compliance against specific requirements (e.g. Legislation, Corporate or Company Standards / Guidelines, Industry Standards / Guidelines, etc.).



Health & Safety Strategy & Planning Facilitation

Companies that are Safer are more Productive!  Does your Company have a long-term Health and Safety Strategy?  Does your Company have an Annual Health and Safety Plan?  You can impact your business’ bottom line and future success by ensuring that you are proactively managing health and safety within your business by having a Health and Safety Plan just as you would have an existing Business Plan.  Better still, integrate your health and strategy and plan into your existing Business Plan!


Strategy & Planning facilitation services include:

  • Facilitating the development of a tailor-made Health and Safety Strategy (e.g. 3-Year, 5-Year or longer) that focuses effort into improving both lead and lag key performance indicators (KPI’s).

  • Facilitating the development of a tailor-made Annual Health and Safety Plan that supports the Health and Safety Strategy.

  • Integrating your Health and Safety Strategy and Plan into your existing Business Strategy and Plan.

  • Assisting with regular review (e.g. quarterly) of your progress against your Health and Strategy and Plan.



Health and Safety Project Management

Do you have a major health and safety project that requires a Project Manager with an extensive background of health and safety project management?


Project Management services include:

  • Assistance with development of a Project Schedule.

  • Ongoing management, monitoring and review of the Project against Schedule.

  • Traffic-light reporting of progress against Schedule.

  • Identification of non-satisfactory Project progress and establishment of intervention plans to rectify.

  • Where required, management of Contractors engaged to deliver the Project.



Health and Safety Training Packages

STAC Consulting can develop health and safety training systems and packages to assist in successful implementation of your health and safety systems.


Training services include:

  • Development of a fully integrated Training Management System to support your health, safety and other business Management systems (including Training Needs Identification and Training Needs Analyses).

  • Development of Inductions.

  • Development of Training Materials, Training Guides and Assessment Materials.

  • Mapping of Training Materials to industry-recognised training standards.

  • Presenting Inductions.

  • Conducting Health and Safety Training Presentations.



Support for Health and Safety Teams / Roles

Do you have a person relatively new to a health and safety role in your business?  Do you have a key health and safety person within your business going on short-term leave?  Do you need additional specialist resourcing to supplement your health and safety team?  Is your Health and Safety Committee running effectively as it should be?


Support services include:

  • Coaching and mentoring of personnel in health and safety roles.

  • Evaluation of health and safety team effectiveness and resourcing (including effectiveness of Health and Safety Committees).

  • Assisting Companies with Contractor Management and assisting Contract Companies with Sub-Contractor Management.

  • Short Term Leave Relief – Annual Leave, Long Service Leave (up to 3 months).

  • Note:  Leave relief is only available in the Hunter Valley & Newcastle area.



If you like what you have seen so far or are interested in a specific service not already listed here, please contact us at


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